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Plymouth Congregational Church
We make you feel at home!

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Join our family

We are a family-oriented church.  From our nursery, to our exciting youth program, to our adult services, we offer something for everyone.

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Grow in your faith

Make friends and grow your faith by joining us in our Sunday services or our weekly home groups.

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Plymouth Congregational Church

To God Be All Glory, Praise, and Honor!

Our history of Worship, Service, and Music in the Greater Lansing area began in 1847 where a small band of Congregational settlers responded to an invitation from the then Michigan City to come to Lansing and help settle this frontier town. They assembled with a larger gathered community for worship in Senate Chambers. In 1864, that same small community voted to move out of that 'gathered community' by creating a Congregational presence in the first "Meeting House", a modest chapel. They called that first "Meeting House" Plymouth Congregational Church and referred to themselves as the People of Plymouth. 

Thirteen years later, those early Congregationalists erected the monumental Gothic Revival which sat across our Capitol building in 1877. That building existed on that location until 1971 where a fire razed the second building. Worship continued in the adjacent YWCA for three years until 1975 when our present building and new location here on East Grand River Ave received us warmly. 

Our building is circular in shape and originated from the Dow Associates' original design. Our sanctuary, "The Centrum," is contained within the center of the building and is also in the round. Our Altar/Communion Table exists at the very center of the building and our worship space. The then building committee was resolved to "build a building representative of today's culture and people to carry and promote Plymouth's programs into future years." The circular design reminds us that we are a 'priesthood of all believers' with no one voice more important than another and that we exist to serve God, with Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

The Centrum's design continues to remind visitors and ourselves alike that we are called and gathered by God through Christ our Lord to worship through Word and Sacrament as an open and affirming Free Church. This gracious and untraditional edifice continues to be a place where Worship of God and Service to Christ remains paramount. Bible Study and Worship occurs on Sundays and Service throughout the week.

Christian Service, Music and Arts have always played an important part in Plymouth's life. There are always many service projects on going. We have many fine pieces of art throughout and we have been noted for our commitment to music in the service of God. An extraordinary array of musical artists continue to give their talent in praise of God, often in concert with the Church's superior Casavant and antiphonal organs. Our greatest gift to our community is our members who give of themselves for the betterment of our community. We support the Greater Lansing Mobile Food Pantry, Lansing Mission Meals, National Night Out, and are vitally connected with Christian Services of Lansing.

No matter who you are, where you have been, or what your story is, you are welcomed here to Worship, Study, Sing, Perform, or Serve. There is plenty of places for you to participate, belong, know, and grow in your own faith journey in Christ and in doing so let your own story give Glory to God.

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2001 E. Grand River Ave.
Lansing, Michigan 48912

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Hours of Operation

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